Poll: Overwhelming Majority of American Voters Support Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits Program – Yahoo! News

Poll: Overwhelming Majority of American Voters Support Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits Program – Yahoo! News.

After months of combating unfounded media and political attacks against the SSDI benefits program, the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR) commissioned a survey to ask Americans if they believe SSDI should receive budget cuts, or remain intact for hard-working citizens who never expected to experience a disability.

The results – 83% of Americans polled support SSDI, including 75% of Republicans voters, while 77% think Congress should look to cut other programs in order to reach a balanced budget.

“The findings are clear and bipartisan — Americans overwhelmingly support Disability Insurance,” said Stefan Hankin, President of Lincoln Park Strategies. “To cut to the chase, my recommendation to elected leaders in either party is that attacking SSDI is a mistake.”

Among the key findings of the poll:

  • 83% of voters  – including 75% of Republicans – agree it would be unfair to cut SSDI benefits to working Americans who have paid into SSDI
  • 80% of survey respondents support the SSDI benefits program
  • Only 8% of voters polled believe SSDI should be cut
  • 77% of those polled agree that Congress should focus on programs other than SSDI to make budget cuts
  • 73% support SSDI program after hearing allegations that the program is another government handout program

Social Security disability programs are an important safety net for all of us.  We never know when we will be injured or struck with an illness that will prevent us from working.  Many on disability have worked most of their lives and made a comfortable living.  The benefits they receive from Social Security are rarely anywhere near what they made working and the average Social Security benefit is less then working 40 hours at minimum wage in most states.


Is an injury or illness preventing you from working.  Call me today to discuss your case and get help with your Social Security disability application.


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