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Supplemental Hearings

So you had your disability hearing and now the ALJ has scheduled a supplemental hearing.  What does this mean?

Well it depends.  An ALJ may have scheduled a supplemental hearing for a number of reasons.

1) The ALJ may have needed to gather more medical evidence from your doctors or send you to a Consultative Exam and now has more questions for you about that evidence.

2) The ALJ may need to question a medical expert or Vocational Expert about your case, one of which (or both) were not at your original hearing.

3) if you have a representative, they may have requested the supplemental hearing as a means to cross exam a Vocational or Medical Expert, or the doctor who did the consultative exam instead of attempting cross examination by paper.

This is not a new hearing, but rather a continuation of the 1st hearing.  Often they are shorter then the first hearing and you may not be asked any questions at all.

But it is still important that you attend the hearing and if you do not have representation, you can obtain one to assist you with this hearing.

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